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Mick discovered the drums at age sixteen and has since then successfully played his way through a long list of highly acclaimed bands.
He has become known as one of the most versatile drummers in the semiprofessional business, his broad stylistic diversity ranging from rock, blues and irish folk to a soft touch of latin and fusion.
Mick’s warm, easy-going down-to-earth manner grants a refreshing experience for both his audience and his fellow musicians. His unique style and genuine feeling have considerably contributed to his reputation as one of Austria’s top drummers.
And don't forget mick's background-vocals that are as impressive as his accomplished drum skills.

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queen theatre / the music of queen   [official demo reel]
blumen im gemeindebau! / angemessen ungezogenen lieder   [www.blumenimgemeindebau.com]
caedmon's fayre / rocking celtic folk   [www.caedmonsfayre.com]
codex / progressive power rock   [www.codexrocks.com]
puschkawü / lauta leiwånde liada   [puschkawue.wien]
the 2 ziemlich naked CODEXen / acoustic nude rock   [webcosmos.wixsite.com/2ncx]
miskatonic / 60er, 70er, 80er party music   [miskatonic @ facebook]

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[zeugla(et)gmx.at]   /  facebook: [www.facebook.com/michael.glantschnig]



[discovered the drums at age sixteen]

[long list of highly acclaimed bands]

[most versatile drummer in the semiprofessional business]

[warm, easy-going down-to-earth manner]

[unique style and genuine feeling]

[...background-vocals that are as impressive as his accomplished drum skills]

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